MSE118 Quake Sub

The MSE-118 Quake is a powerful, horn-loaded subwoofer – the ultimate no-compromise solution for any application requiring crisp, deep bass information, the impulse and phase response of the true horn system means it is unrivaled in terms of definition, speed and clarity.
Due to the way the horns work, the Quake is best suited to use in groups – four or more Quakes in a stack will produce staggering results – producing higher SPL output than twice the number of many dual 18” designs.

Connector EP

Please note these speakers are passive and require an external amplifier.

(single enclosure): 35Hz - 200Hz (±3dB)
(quad stack): 27Hz - 200Hz (±3dB)
Power rating: 800W RMS, 1600W program
Maximum SPL
(single enclosure): 134dB cont., 140dB peak
Max SPL (quad stack): 142dB cont., 148dB peak
Impedance: 8Ω (nominal)
Dim's (HxWxD, mm): 1200x574x950 (excuding
(Will require large van for collection)castors)

1 day hire £24.00
Weekend hire £36.00
Week hire £66.00

Note: Weekend hire is between 4pm Friday to 10am Monday.