Shure Beta 87A Condenser Vocal Mic

B87A Vocal microphone provides warm, accurate sound, It features high SPL capability and controlled low-frequency roll-off to compensate for proximity effect.
Highly consistent super-cardioid polar pattern provides superior gain-before-feedback, Smooth frequency response with gradual presence rise, Wide dynamic range (117 dB) and low distortion characteristics.
Advanced cartridge shock-mount system absorbs mechanical shocks and reduces handling noise with a Built-in pop filter reduces undesirable wind and breath sounds

Supplied with :
1 x Standard Mic Clip
1 x 5/8" to 3/8" Thread Adapter
1 x Mic Pouch
1 x 10M Xlr Cable

1 day hire £12.00
Weekend hire £18.00
Week hire £30.00

Note: Weekend hire is between 4pm Friday to 10am Monday.