Shure SM81 Condenser Mic

A Cardioid condenser instrument microphone offers a wide frequency response and low self-noise.
Features include flat response curve, 20kz – 20Khz Frequency response, low noise and high output clipping level, low distortion over a range of load impedances, and low RF susceptibility.
Selectable Low Frequency response: Flat/ 6 or 18 DB-Octave roll off.

Supplied with :
1 x Standard Mic Clip
1 x 5/8" to 3/8" Thread Adapter
1 x Windscreen
1 x Mic Case
1 x 10M Xlr Cable

1 day hire £12.00
Weekend hire £18.00
Week hire £30.00

Note: Weekend hire is between 4pm Friday to 10am Monday.