A purpose built Truss DJ Console the Liteconsole XPRS's primary shelf provides plenty of space for DJ GEAR, Notably Pioneer CDJ-2000s will fit comfortably without extending underneath the angled shelf.
The angled shelf that sits above the main surface can be used for CD wallets or other equipment such as laptops or lighting controllers.
There is also a third lower shelf, positioned about 30mm from the floor, which is ideal for amps and other equipment. The aluminium upper fascia panel, along with the acrylic front panel, hide gear and cables, and the whole thing is designed to be eye-catching and to create a professional impression.

Supplied with :
RGB Batton
Carry Bags
Assembly/Packing Instructions

1 day hire £60.00
Weekend hire £90.00
Week hire £126.00

Note: Weekend hire is between 4pm Friday to 10am Monday.